Project: Next Gen Pathway

We are finalizing a report on what we call Next Generation Solutions, that is, sustainable alternatives to tree fibre for making viscose and paper products. It’s a long, geeky report with lots of numbers. It will require several infographics and charts. We will be presenting this report at the World Economic Forum in Davos in late January.
Right now the report is 22 pages long, as a Word file. We need it designed with the above mentioned graphics, and we want it to use our colours and lots of photographs of forests and wildlife, as well as some representations of these solutions. We would provide you with the images.
We would probably get you to start working on graphics in the first week of December, and would likely get you final text a week or two later. We’d need you to turn the design around as a first pass within a week, and then we’d give feedback and edit. So it would involve work over the holidays, between Christmas and New Year’s.