Complex report design

Project: JEDI-National Gallery of Canada

We  worked with Elevate Inclusion Strategies on the National Gallery of Canada JEDI — Final Report and Action Plan.
We were hired to enhance the content of the report as it was very text heavy and the client needed it to be read.
We were asked to employ a clean spacious layout with a very clean aesthetic. As there was no real branding provided, we took into account the aesthetic that they had been used to seeing.
We were asked to create pull-out copy that highlighted very important information.
The aesthetic, as discussed will include: • Visuals around the circle — powerful — circle of trust — cycles — cycles of season  grief and humility. • Colours should be muted blues and turquoise; land colours but not browns. • Ideas around renewal and spring as the intro theme is around garden and renewal. • NO BUGS • Textures and faded imagery should be employed.
This was a very interesting project that was presented to important govenment officials. It was in both French and English.